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Wildhorse! in 2018

We are helping a new student with horseback riding as she also practices literacy and pronunciation. This young lady has a genetic disorder which inhibits learning and speech, and she loves riding! So we ask her to repeat words, and when she speaks, then speaks again, it is a breakthrough!

Specific areas of achievement this young lady's parents have advised as are:

  • speech improvement
  • peer relationships
  • arithmetic and reading skills

Every lesson brings new vocabulary words, from horse anatomy to grooming tools to reins, saddle, stirrups.

Kari Ann and her volunteers and parents say, repeat and repeat the words again along with their meanings. We are thrilled that the "hear and say" method is working.

And we count steps, using Kari Ann's singing voice (recordings to be offered soon) and ask for the young lady to repeat the numbers.

A New Horse! (sort of)

When Kari Ann made a visit to Goodwill, she found a huge stuffed horse. She gave it to the young student, hoping she would practice her riding at home, continuing to develop her gross and fine motor skills while riding a horse who is stationary but... inspiring.

For reading and arithmetic skills, Kari Ann has given a short storybook in progress concerning our pony, Tony, and his longing for ' companionship. We hope that by the end of this academic year, our student will be reading aloud from Tony the Pony's story.

Wildhorse! is a sole proprietorship under the gentle wing of 501C3 Seedlings of Change in Lolo, MT. God bless them for their help and encouragement!

Please see Seedlings' latest web site for our new video and more recent information:

We teach on a private ranch in Huson, Montana which is fully outfitted for Western riding, including trail riding. And Kari Ann's and Wildhorse's  17 years of experience has allowed us to help every rider's type of disability from autism to Parkinson's, depression and bulimia and even fear of horses. We have held workshops for developmentally disabled adults, and a recent clinic to help anxious riders meet their particular goals.

Please view this hilarious video of therapy horse Echo playing soccer with his rider, an autistic boy:

We accommodate all financial situations, are a Medicaid vendor and have never turned anyone away for lack of funds.

Director Kari Ann and all Wildhorse! volunteers and personnel practice Positive Management and motivate all Wildhorse! people with praise. Please contact us at wildhorse@wildhorse.vpweb.com
Wildhorse! Director Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D. on Guinness, the second level dressage horse we teach on. Brava, Wildhorse! volunteers who help all our riders mount this immense and gentle champion!

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